Maximillian Diez
Maximillian Diez
Calpmg Corporation
CEO & Founder
11 Years Experience
License: 01907000 | Exp: 12/7/15
E&O Ins: PL2012CAR00191 | Exp: 2/15/13
123 10th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Office: 877-787-8525
Direct: 650-438-1332
Fax: 650-763-8862

Areas of Service

94112, 94080, 94044, 94601, 94534, 94503, 94591, 94014, 94015, 91915, 91913, 94134, 94105, 94013

REO Services Offered

Property Management, Lease Up Infrastructure, Fully Syndicated Web site, Radio Promotions via on-air personalities. Financing available for remodeling and rehabbing projects.

REO Experience

Have closed over 250 transactions.


Bay East MLS Listings BAREIS

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