Harry Brown
Harry Brown
B&H Quality Home Inspection
35+ Years Experience
License: 29686 | Exp:
E&O Ins: E09-109007 | Exp: 9/11/12
4963 Clarendon Ter
Frederick, MD 21703
Office: 800-464-7078
Direct: 540-822-3848
Fax: 301-360-9610

Areas of Service

We Service MD. VA. PA. & DC.

REO Services Offered

We offer one stop shop for inspections, Radon, Mold, Water and Septic.

REO Experience

Your Home Inspector, With 35 yrs. of background experience in construction. Build my own home in Deep Creek, MD.

REO Training

Having my own business in Home Remodeling over 25 yrs. Buildingspecs Inc.7 yrs / NAHI 11 yrs / PRO-LAB 9 yrs



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