Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy Investments
Forty Five () years Years Experience
License: Federally Certified | Exp:
16 Fifth Street
Suite: 17
Chelsea, MA 02150
Office: 617-319-1573
Direct: 617-319-1573

Areas of Service

USA/International - Real Estate & Infrastructure Specialist Large Multi's 100 units & Mixed-Use Retails & Commercial Development Preferences

REO Services Offered

All Real Estate A-Z Construction, Financing, Development, Mixed-Use/Commerial/Retail/Industrial/Infrastructure

REO Experience

45yrs Real Estate Defense & Federal Contractor in Full Compliance, 7th year of Re-certification.

REO Training

Federally Certified/U-Mass Boston, College of Management-Interantional Management,Finance & Accounting Major, Minored in Economics, Bonded Master Mechanic, Builder, Historical Specialist


Chairman National Republican Congressional Commitee-(NRCC) Business Advisory Council

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