Mark Lindsay
Mark Lindsay
Century 21 Home Center
10 Years Experience
License: 534045 | Exp: 5/15/14
E&O Ins: Pearl E&O PEG9136257 | Exp: 6/30/14
9811 Greenbelt Road
Suite: 205
Lanham, MD 20706
Office: 301-552-3000
Direct: 301-552-3000 Ext: 17
Fax: 301-552-6550

Areas of Service

20706, 20770, 20772, 20774, 20720, 20721, 20716, 20715, 20747, 20743, 20745, 20744, 20735, 20707, 20708, 20769,

REO Services Offered

Complete REO/Asset Management Services, Property Conditions Reports, BPOs, Drive By or Interior, CMAs, Digital Photos within 24 hours, Occupancy Checks within 24 hours, Negotiations, Cash for Keys, Re-Keys, Eviction, Trash Outs, Contractor bids, Utility turn-ons,Winterization, Full Service Marketing of REO listing and just ask if there is a service you need.

REO Experience

Bank Of America, Citi Group, Old Republic....24 REO's Listed and Sold

REO Training

Equator, GRI, CRS


Prince Georges County Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors

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