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Other REO Partners
Robert Austin | Realtor
John Conner | Agent
Sandy Lynn | Broker
Joe Geaber | Sales associate
Frederic Kindle | Agent
Deborah Downs | Owner/Broker
Reagan Masone | CEO/Broker
Russell Wood | Broker/Owner
CHRISTINA L. Boothroyd | Realtor
Lisa LaJoie | Realtor
Mary Chadman | Broker/owner
Bartolome Alzamora | Broker
Tara Johnson | Broker
Maria Anna Bartolotta | Broker
Terri Berry | Property Preservation And Reo
Shirley Weems | Reo Real Estate Expert
Ira Murray | Sales Agent
Sheryl West Fritz | Realtor
Ariel Bermudez | Realstate Associate
Tony Underwood | OWNER / BROKER
Deisha Knight | Sales Associate
Harold "Rusty" Melle | Broker
Rusty Melle | Broker
Scott Sadlon | Mr
Marcie Bolt | Broker
Christine Horvath | Realtor
Peter Dolci | Sales Agent
Linda Williams | Sales Agent
Marcia Fraser | Sales Associate
Judy J. Valicenti P.A. | Realtor
Joseph Adair | Broker/Owner
Cynthia Adair | Broker Associate
Carl Beneduci | Broker Associate
Donna Browning | Broker/Owner
Thomas Wicelinski | Sales Associate
Maria Kaps | Realtor
Jacqueline Malinowska | Realtor
Waseem Mohamed | Broker Associate
Lisa Ellison | Sales Associate
Mary Crawford | Broker/Owner
Sandy Kilpatrick | Realtor
Erika Rogers | Realtor
Krystyna Harrison Harrison | Broker
Elizabeth Vengas | Realtor
Eric Van Dam | Sales/Rental Manager
Michael Thelander | VP
Jantina Getz | Owner & Broker
Deborah Gaffney | Broker/Owner
Rob Fontaine | Sales Manager
Jill Wallace | REO Agent
Patricia Corcoran | Broker
Kay Rimer | Sales agent
Barbara Cavazos | Sales Associate
Barbara Cavazos | Sales Associate
Elizabeth Frommann | Broker-Associate
Debbie Seymour | Broker
Susan Makara | Broker
Lindsey Newman | Agent
G. Irene Calland | Broker Agent
Donna Browning | Broker/Owner/Realtor
Michelle Cohron | Agent
Marcia Gelfand | Realtor
Pam Vanderveer | Realtor
Timothy & Stacey Sanzone | Realtor
Gissou Ghaeenzadeh | Broker
Douglas Wells | Realtor
Wendy Handy | Sales Associate
Joan Willis | Broker
Nadine Hein | Sales Associate
Laureen Trent | REO Director
Adela Carvajal | Broker Assoc
John Curri | Manager
Sue Backiel | Realtor
Barbara Van Dam | Broker/Owner
Judy Coleman | Broker-Associate REALTOR
Alicia Lozeau | Realtor
Debora Sanders | Realtor
Michael Copeland | Realtor
Ronald Egoroff | Broker Assoc.
Kenneth Pacevich | Broker/Owner
Laura Getsinger | Owner/Broker
Anna Atkinson | Broker / Owner
Craig Tomchik | Sales Manager
Eva Roach | Realtor
Kelsey Friedrich | Agent
Kathy Hile | Broker
Rhonda Pavone | Realtor
William O'Dell | Real Estate Broker
Edward LaPetina | Broker/ Associate
Carolyn Allen | Broker/ Owner
Thomas Palumbo | President
Denise Ingrid Stanton | Sales Associate
Camila McManus | Realtor
Billie Simmons | Broker
Carolyn Mullican | Real Estate Agent
Winton "sonny" Adcock | Broker Associate
Roger Daveluy | Realtor
Sammi Shapiro | Realtor
Betty McCluskey | Broker/Associate
Paul Saia | Broker/Salesperson
Lawrence Sica | Realtor
Bill Stanton | Realtor
Dominick Tosta | Broker/Owner
Nanci Gould | Owner/Broker
Ikram Enechar | Realtor
Michael Mattesi | Sales Manager
Margarita D'Angelo | Realtor
Joyce Hathaway | Realtor
Jenifer Plummer-Barrett | Realtor
Philip Rotondo | Realtor
Marianne Raley | Realtor, GRI
Mary Ann Thompson | Realtor
Lori Nartatez | Realtor
Debbie Jameson | Realtor
Anita Uhrmann | Sales Agent
Alan Bonn | Sales Consultant
Marvin Ferebee | Broker/Owner
John Conway | Pres
Sean Prescott | Realtor
John LaViska |
Janice Golden | REO Agent
Alfred Webster | Sales Associate
Bradley White | Realtor
Brad White | Realtor
Michael Mclaughlin | Agent
L. James Ouellet | Sales Associate
Eve Rosen | Sales
Tara Wright | Cert. Res. RE Appraiser
Virginia Gates | Broker/Associate
Joani Traver | Real Estate Agent
Barbara Zapotocky | Broker
James Ahearn | RE Broker
Tim Borden | Broker
Grace LaMontagne | Sales Agent
Dawn Strandell | Realtor
Connie Zinger | Realtor
Laura Getsinger | owner/broker
Karen Kuta | Broker Associate
Anna-may Smith | Broker- Associate
Harold Fred Reichert | Agent
Nicholas Rahal | Broker/Owner
John Pate | Realtor
Suzanne Rankin | Realtor
Cynthia Kelley | Realtor
Robin Turner | Founder & CEO
George Rrose | Agent
Michael Janik | Realtor/Sales Associate
Charles Hinkley | Broker, Owner
Charlie Gersey | Sales associate
Tarolyn Robinson | Realtor
Katherine Grosch | Broker-Associate
Rhonda Michaud | Realtor
Michael Artelli | Licensed Realtor
Sharon Martin | Cert. Distressed Properties Ex
John Allen | Broker Assoc
Duane Watson | Broker Owner
Michelle Partin | Ms.
John Brower | Broker
Tracy Cunningham | REO Specialist
Matt Hausmann | The House Man
John Presnell | Re Sales Associate/residential
Eric Budukiewicz | Sales Associate
W. Michael Selig, CCIM | President
Diane Kasmoch | Realtor
Kent Cooper CCIM | President/Broker
Patricia Padrick | Realtor
Leigh Giannotti | OWNER/BROKER
Kathy Hile | Broker
Wynne Ann Asbury | Broker Associate
Dianne Fellows | Owner
Claudia Jaramillo | Realtor
Ellen Rubino | Realtor
Ellen Rubino | Realtor
Patricia Aborn | Sales Agent
Micha Kiel | Real Estate Asscociate / Forec
Ross Whitaker | Broker/Salesperson
Carl Sciara | Broker-Associate
Shirley Roberts-Stevens | Owner
Wenda Nicholls | Realtor
Eugene Hartigan | Broker
Karen Roark | Agent
Lance VandeBerg | Broker associate
Carl Asbury | REO Division Manager
Margie Kahl | Broker Associate
Karen Fleckinger | Broker / Owner
Stephanie Bishop | Realtor
Frances Richiuso | Realtor
Paula Rogers | Broker

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