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Other REO Partners
Aneissa Van Metre | Realtor
Dianna Tolbert | Broker Associate
Monika Newman | Broker/owner
Matt Tolooee | Broker Owner
George Jury | Commercial Broker
Walter Kunstmann | R. E. Inspection Specialist
Dee Tetzlaff | Broker Owner
Camie Woodard | Broker Associate
Jorgette Krsulic | Broker
Daniel Pitrone | Realtor
Scott Staeben | Broker/Owner
Hope White | Broker/Owner
Thomas Miller | Owner/Broker
Paula Lydon | Broker Associate
Tina Brinkmann | REALTOR ®
Michele Hammerton | Broker Associate
Tony Rose | Principal/Broker
Donna Archuleta | Broker Associate, Realtor
Mark Potter | Broker associate
Justine Herring | Broker/Owner
Robert Newborn | Owner/Broker
Dianne Bieri | Broker
Sandra Maestas | Owner Broker
Judy Wasoba | Realtor
Ronald Welch | Broker / Owner
William Kennedy | Associate Broker
Jon Walker | Owner/Broker
Jean Stahler | Owner
Michael Quintana | Broker Associate
Mercie Curbow |
Andrea Warner | Broke/Owner
Janet Dillenbeck | Employing Broker
Dewayne Lewis | Associate Broker
Todd Hawker | Broker/Co-Owner
Pat Crane | Broker Associate
Rex Gehring | Member
Shane Bruckner | Broker Associate
James Riggiin | Broker Associate
Pam Higgins | Broker Associate
Kristie Laufer NRBA | Broker/Owner
Christine Hunt | Managing Broker
Marc Kurtz | COO
Brian Lucy |
Ed Leyba | Broker/Owner
Pamela Gordon | Broker Associate, CDPE, SFR
Michael Smith | Broker / Owner
Joy Lee | Asc. Broker
Michael Riddle | Broker /owner
Kathi Klein | Realtor
Mary Wells | Broker/Agent
Woor Pardo | Broker
Othelia Schultz | Broker / Owner
Jackie Pierce-Eaton | Broker Associate
Ron Allen | Broker/Owner
Amy Simmons | Broker
Rhonda Blain | Director of Sales
Michelle Grove-Reiland | Owner
Brent Spaulding | Broker Associate
Tina Oakes | Owner
Gary Martinez | Dir. Acquisitions
Bryce OBrien | Real Estate Broker
Chris Freeman | Broker Associate/Team Leader
Jermaine Butler | Broker Associate
Terry Gatesh | Broker Associate
Tanya Stevenson-Becht | Broker/Owner
Barbara Schiappacasse | Broker Associate
Russ Gordon | Broker Associate
Lisa Stroud | Associate Broker
Mindy Sanders | Agent
Connee Sasso | Broker Associate
Larry Prewett | Broker Associate
John Mcgovern | Broker Agent
Stephen Cox | Broker/Owner
Alan Hobden | Broker Associate
Daniel Russell | Realtor
David Downie | Broker Associate
Christopher Lozano | Broker/Owner
Thomas Baker | Owner/Appraiser
Harold Bates | Broker/Owner
Ann Kidd | Licensed Realtor
Chris Lutyen | Broker
Trista Schmier | Owner
Hector Hernandez | Owner/Broker
Chris Watson | Realtor
Carolyn Goodman | Independent Broker
Rebecca Nehme | Associate Broker
Jeff Boals | Broker Associate
Rudy E. Lucero | Associate Broker
Heather Harkema | Associate Broker
David Kaercher | Broker
Robert Taylor | Associate Broker
Judy Marshall | Broker/Owner
Jon Hollon | Broker
Mark Wittrup | Broker Associate
Michael Mientka |
Michael Mientka | Owner
Chuck Waldron | Associate Broker
Charles Douglas | Broker Associate
Rob Rolley | Broker
Douglas Wolfe | Broker Associate
JOHN R. (THE HAND) Hansen | Broker Associate
Mark Oberg | Broder Associate
Deborah Shultz | owner/agent
Scott Miller | Broker Assosiate
Lorie Skabo | Associate Broker
Team Vissepo | Manuela Vissepo, Broker
Steve Boggs | Director, BPO/REO Asset Manage
Nancy Sollee | Broker Associate
Ingrid Anderson | Realtor
Adrian Reed | Broker Associate
Annette Virgil | Broker Associate, CRS
Larry Emerson | Broker Associate
Gloria Stivala | Broker Associate
Susan Cuddeback | Broker/Owner
Sallyanne Holmes | Broker Associate
Petra Hughes | Owner/broker
Willie E. Bridgeforth, Jr | Broker Associate
Cristine Gritz | Owner/Realtor
Linda Soesbe | Broker Associate
Patricia Vaillancourt | Associate broker
Steve Johnson | Broker Associate
Christi Hunt | Broker
Elizabeth Palmer | Broker Associate
April Roberts | REO/Re-Assignment/Distressed S
Cheryl Stokes | Independent Broker
Thomas Lazzaro | Broker/Owner
Teresa Bower | Broker Associate
Bill Hays | Agent
Michele Willoughby | Broker Owner, REOS, SFR
Michael Hammond | Broker
Donna Jones | Broker/owner
Courtney Gilmore |
Karen Iudice | Broker
Kathy Stenberg | Owner/Broker
Thornton Willis Jr | Broker
Catherine BROWN-SWAIN | Broker Associate
Lara Winter | Broker - Owner
Diana Taylor | Broker/Owner
Patricia Musser |
Steve Roggie | Owner
Travis Turner | Employing Broker
Deanna Long | Vice President
Darla Bowen | Broker owner
Jackie Denny | Broker
Karen Ahrens | Owner/Broker
Karen Ahrens | Broker/Owner
Ruth Bolas | Broker
Rebecca Albillar | Managing Broker
Joseph Watson | Owner/Broker
Marla Burkette | Broker Associate
Pat Schemel | Associate Broker
Clifford Grady | Broker
Eldon Likkel | Owner/Broker
Eldon Likkel | Owner/broker
Lois Elliott | Broker
Larry Deaton | Owner
John L. Magoon | Broker

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