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Other REO Partners
Frank Filippone | Assoicate Broker
Aaronetta Stewart | Realtor
Christine Ornoff | Realtor, ABR, SFR
Shauna Lane | Realtor
Paula Moore | Realtor
Paula Moore | Realtor
Bethany White | Agent
Kathleen Rolaf | Realtor
Marylee Almond | Realtor
Charlene Howard | Realtor
Diane Pearman | Assoc. Broker, ABR
Julie Humphrey-Fish | Realtor
Denise Cowan | Realtor
Christine Burris` | Real E#state Agent
Frank Clemens | Realtor,CDPE,SFR
Cheryl Walker | Broker Associate
Samantha Simmons | Associate Broker
Laura Henry | Agent
Donna Brett | Realtor
Sherry Andrews | Owner/Broker
Katherine Gonyea | Principal Broker
Keith Canty | Mr
Chris Carlson | Realtor
Art Caccese | Associate Broker
Mechelle Richards | Realtor
Keisa Staton | Agent
Sheilah Stone | Broker
June Patterson | Realtor
Bill Gorham | Reo Specialist
Adrienne Campbell | Realtor
Terry Smith | Agent
Cyndi Houser | Realtor/Owner
Joy Bonney | Realtor
Patricia Elam | Sales Agent
Heather Earley | Realtor
Amy Lang | Realtor, ABR,CDPE,e-Pro,SFR
Carmen Vitelli | Realtor
Tasha Griffin | Realtor
Joy Bonney | Realtor
Angela Burt | Realtor
Erik Davis | Realtor/ Property Manager
Tee Williams | Real Estate Consultant
Ena Vazquez | Realtor
Elaine Alfiero | Manager Corporate Assests
Ando Suvari | Realtor
Bob Owens | Owner
Christina Crater | Real Estate Agent
Diane Perecko | Associate Broker
Nicholas Hutsko | Associate Broker
Bill Rountree | Broker
Tammy Bunch | Managing Broker
Aristides Restituyo jr | Sales Person
V. Inez Whitehead | Realtor
Smalley Brooks | Realtor
John Brooks | Realtor
Sherry Menard | Realtor
Charlie Mccotter | Broker
Rhonda Vaughn | Real Estate Professional
Smalley John Brooks | Realtor
Billy Coons | Realtor
Melissa Ellis El | Broker
Reginald Pearson | Managing Broker
Anthony Alleva | REO Realtor & CSSA
Lisa Pleas | Real Estate Agent
Edward Meise | Associate Broker
Jenny Sung | Realtor
Edward Meise | Associate Broker
Deborah Hunt | Broker
Loretta Washburn | Realtor
Randall Hardy | Agent
KK German | Sales agent
Michael Freer | associate broker/real estate a
Robert Scott | Associate Broker
Dennis OBrien | Agent
Felorina V. Carolino | Crs Gri Sfr Cdpe
Judy Frates-Brown | Associate Broker
Jonathan Melvin | Mr
Jimalee Morris | Asco Broker
John Abbitt |
Patrick Venditti | Real Estate Agent
John Cericola | Realtor
Kimberly Plourde | Broker/Owner
Sandra Musselwhite | Assoc Broker
Denise Wilmer | owner/investor
Betty Furr | Realtor, C.S.P.,Independent Co
Catherine Kowalsky | Realtor
Bill Gibbs | Realtor
Steve Freeman | Realtor
Roger Avent | Sales Associate
Mike O'Neal | Realtor
Jon McAchran | Associate Broker/Realtor
Ron Arotin | Associate Broker
Vickie Young | Real Estate Agent
James Davis | Associate Broker
Joe Wilkey | Owner
Jackie Dunbar | Associate Broker
Tammy Inge | Real Estate Agent
Cherlynn Fagerheim | Realtor
Gerry Sessor | Associate Broker
Sharon Woodrum | REALTOR/Property Manager
John Mccormick | Broker Owner
Cindy Elliott | REALTOR, ABR, SRES
Lorraine Secord |
Margarita Ybarra | Real Estate Consultant
Michael Harris | Real Estate Professional
Scott Ensinger | Sales Associate
Paula Gregory | Realtor/sales associate
Nelene Gibbs | REO Agent
CandY Dennis | Managing Broker
Terri Baker | Realtor
James Hemingway | Sales Agent
Madeline Hadaway | Realtor
Edwin Rucker | Associate Broker
Judy Reed | Realtor
Theresa Nock | Realtor
Victor Esposito | Vice President Commercial Divi
Kelle Foster | Realtor
Matthew Herrick | Realtor
Suzi Keenan | Realtor
Hutter Gale | Realtor
Jeffrey Dente |
Jeffrey Dente |
Kristine Wilson | Agent
Barry Asimos | Associate Broker/ Agent
Susie Scott | Sales Agent
Ray Lyons | Realtor
Joseph LaMontagne | President
David Boord | Mr
Linda Parish | Realtor
Roy Ward | Associate Broker
Roy Ward | Associate Broker
Shannon Rink | Agent
Barbara Hudak | Realtor
Glenn Russell | Broker
Lisa Nady | Realtor
Thomas Williams | Senior Sales Specialist
Thomas Williams | Senior Sales Specialist
Rhyan Finch | Team Leader
Laura Anderson | Agent
Shawnee Fortes | Realtor
Jan Jaworsky | Associate Broker
Doris Sims | Broker
Julia Brennan | Broker
John Gaither | Mr
Tom Sams | Associate Broker
Darnise Hayden | Realtor, ABR
Mike Grandelli | REALTOR, SFR
Cindy Nowlin | Realtor.SFR
Taylor Hall | Realtor, Executive Sales Repre
Bob Bollinger | Pres.
Justin Grant | Sales Associate
Deborah Blackledge | Realtor
Bill Morrise | Realtor
Maria Fitzgerald | Broker
Sherri Thaxton | Realtor
Lynnette Wright | Realtor
Deborah Baisden | Realtor
Nancy Souldourian | Senior Sales Associate
Shirley Conner | Managing Broker
Kimberly Johnson | REALTOR, Fine Homes Specialist
Frank Tommaso | CEO/ Principal Broker
Michael Gleason | Principal Broker/Owner
Margaret Moses | Realtor
Herman Hardy | Associate Broker
Alton Parker | Sales associate
Rose Hess | Realtor
Alton Parker | Sales Associate
Travis Minson | Realtor
Taylor Crespo | Listing Agent
Jenyse White | Assoicate Broker
Ronnie and Roy Hooks | Real Estate Agent
Lorraine Bott | Realtor
Ezra Locke | Real Estate Agent
Patricia Miles | Assoc Broker
Mark Schumann | Mr
Frank Mills | Master Plumber/Owner
Tracy Boswell | Broker / Owner
Larry Maida | Realtor
John Christian | Realtor
Marjorie Worley | Realtor
Sherri Parsons | Owner
Tammy Coleman | ABR, CDPE, GRI, REALTOR
Vicki Nichols | Realtor
Audrey Sprinkle | Realtor
Gayle Upchurch | Realtor
Debra Almeter | Salesperson
Robert MacArthur | Broker
Laura C. Rowe | Agent
Lynn Higgins |
Stacie Powell | Realtor
Christine Parrish | Broker Associate
David Douglas Sr. | Broker
Cindy Hawks | Broker
Cindy Hawks | Broker
Sandra Vargas | Realtor
Jeannine Mosier | Realtor
Kristi Wargo | Realtor
Doris Meixel | Realtor
Teresa Elkins | Associate Broker
Charlotte White | Agent
Byrum Vann | Realtor
Joyce Netherland | Realtor
Eleanor Hammonds | Realtor, New Homes Site Manage
Christopher Fritts | Realtor
Charlie Kelly | Sales Associate
Jeff Bagdon | VP Sales
Vonda Smith | Agent
Jim Jones | Sales Associate
Natalie Parker | Realtor sales agent
Jennie Burge | Realtor
Anne Pierce | Realtor
Pamela Parker |
Pamela Parker |
Bonnie Rothschild | Associate Broker
Henri Ellis | Associate Broker
Linda Bass | Broker/Owner
Ben Fuller | Realtor
Sarah Evans | Realtor
Bruno Stock | Agent
Anne Asercion | Realtor
Corinne Zedd | Agent
Darlene Lamb | Relocation Director
Darlene Lamb | Relocation Director
Mimi Kopassis | Principal Broker
Bonnie Tegge | Realtor
Christine Feldman | Realtor
Alexandra Runaldue | Realtor
Ronda Morrison | Realtor
Kevin Foster | Associate Broker
Elizabeth McCombs | Realtor
Bette Bartz | Realtor
John Shourds | Realtor Salesperson
Joan Buckley | Realtor
Elaine Alfiero | Corporate Assets Manager
Janet McCarraher | Realtor
Robin West | Sales
Todd Brozovich |
Liz Kilby | Realtor
Dominique Green | Retail Sales Agent
Gerald Hawkins | Broker
Gerald Hawkins | Broker
Rita Piester | Principal Broker
Brian Saunders | Associate Broker
Ryan Lorey | Vice President
Pam Frohman | Realtor
Cheryl Drouin | Realtor (R)
Liz Kilby | Associate Broker/Realtor
Margaret Ann Hilleren | Realtor/New Homes Site Manager
Evelyn Billings | Realtor
Otis Scott Jr. | Realtor
Pam Double | Realtor, SFR
Patrizia Ridout | Realtor
Lai Lee | Realtor
Mary Mills | Broker
Rick Brandt | Realtor
James Jones | Realtor
Alfredia Moore | Owner
Mike Foster | Realtor
Darlene Bridgette | Realtor
Renee Norton | Associate Broker
Clyde Wilson | Owner
Jan Ayers | Realtor
Susan Galloway | Broker/Owner
James Sturgeon | Agent
Penelope Sparrow | Realtor
Omar Harris | Broker
John R Beavers | Realtor, SRES, ABR,E-Pro
Chandra Patterson, SFR, SRS | REO Specialist
Brenda McPherson, MBA | Realtor, Relo specialist, CRS,
Anita Crum | Associate Broker
Preston Mason | Principal Broker
Vince Cowling |
John Covington | RealtorĀ®
Marion Sparks | Broker/Owner
Teresa Cline | Associate Broker Liz Moore and
Joanne Kepler | Associate Broker
Janice Hassell | Broker and Owner
Cheryl Stewart | Realtor
Danice Vaughan | Principal Broker
Michael Remy | Realtor
Tag Kilgore | Realtor
Eric Machuca | Realtor
Gregory Bowden |
Terry Vega | Realtor
Carol Neff | Agent
Jane Susan Frank | Realtor
Vicki Weston | Realtor
Frank Biganski | Realtor
Marvin Pryor | Agent
Susan Giordano | Broker
Maurice Hadley | Realtor
Sharon Cousins | Realtor
Kathie Stokes | Realtor
Meredith Moore | Realtor
Maria Araiza | Realtor
Lori Jeltema | Realtor
Angela Stellute Ballard | Realtor
Theresa Embler | Managing Broker
Pam Mcpherson | Broker Associate
Avis Fraser | Realtor
Melvin Dawson | Property/Association Manager
Phyllis Bosomworth | Broker
Lynn Kirk | Senior Property Manager
Melvin Nicholson | Salesperson
Ben Wood | Real Estate Broker
Sandra Ward | Associate Broker
Terry Saunders | Broker
Mary(Donna) Seymour | Broker
Cleveland Shaw | Realtor
Audrey Armstrong | Broker
Debbie Morrisette | Broker
Lisa Branton | Realtor, Broker
Chuck Collins | Agent
Sharon Evans | Residential Managing Broker
Janice Soto | Broker In Charge
Vallee Delong | President

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