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Other REO Partners
John Casillo | Broker/ Owner
Becki Wheeler | Realtor
Mark Dolan | President of board of realtor,
Greg Kammerman | Realtor
Elaine Haussmann | Broker-Associate
Donna Wochner | Realtor
Gary Doss | Realtor
Jenny Rogers | Broker
Dennis Bracken | Realtor
Carolyn Dalby | REO Specialist
Jenny Parker | Realtor
Tina Schmitt | Realtor
Linda Ford | Agent/Owner
Linda Rigg | Realtor
Susan Joyner | Realtor
Anne Corey | Owner/Sales Agent
John Corey | Broker/ Owner
Faith Waddell | Agent
Charles Lindeen | Owner
Anna Barker | Owner/Manager/ Sales
Priscilla Bowler | Realtor
Dan Teter | Broker/Owner
Jay Houck | Realtor
Mike Kennelley | Owner
John Price | Sales Person
Gary Richards | Broker/Owner
Sophie Pietraszek | Realtor
Mike Brittingham | Real Estate Agent
Glenn Tinturin | Broker/Owner, REALTOR(R)
Melissa O'Donnell |
Michelle Brittingham | Broker-Associate
Tina Griffith | Realtor
Kim Turley | Real Estate Agent
Christopher Dunn | Broker Associate
Denise Taber | Realtor
Willie Williams | Real Estate Broker
Mary Vail | Broker Associate
Don Barkeley | N/A
Gerald Allgower | Broker
Betty Caviness | Realtor
Vicky Center | Realtor
Clayton McHarg | Broker
Donald Ford | Real Estate Agent
Michelle Webster |
Nanette McHenry | Realtor
Randy Fox | Realtor
Andrea Van Ammers | Broker/Owner
Lonni Granlund | Owner/ Broker
Maria Duke | Broker
Dennis Harrison | President
Susan Hodges |
Joseph McLean | Realtor
Rick and Rita Rhilinger | Realtor
Erin Villarino | Broker Associate
Joann Dickinson | Broker
Hellen Davis | Broker
Trevolyn Haines | Realtor
Hazel George | Agent
Ismael Nevarez | Realtor
Kathy Marcelino | Realtor
Al Figueiredo | Realtor
Vicki Wickersham | Realtor
Priscilla Hagerman | REALTOR. /SFR
Denise Jones | Realtor
Dina Urrutia |
Russell Gibbs | Broker
Laura Wilson | Realtor
Orapin Moore | Realtor
Deanna Averbeck | Realtor
Deanna Averbeck | Realtor
Maria Olivarez | Sales Agent
Vicki Edwards | Real Estate Agent
Victor Bishara | Broker
Joan Marie Patsky | Sole Proprietor
Diana Mangan | Realtor
Lynda Adams | Manager
Joseph Gobert | Realtor
Denise Shinault | CEO
Ernest Hartsock | Realtor
Michel Marable | Realtor/Associate
Melissa O'Donnell | Realtor
Veronica Ramos | Agent
Joanne Johnson | Ms
Frank Sottile | Broker Associate
Randy Gordon |
Devona Garrigus | Realtor
Maria Blackburn | Realtor
Charett Navarrete | Broker
Linda Brook | Realtor
Wendell Turner | Real Estate Broker
Tammy Newsom | Realtor
Robert Uthe | Realtor
Charlie Chung | Broker
Kim Halliburton | Real Estate Broker
Jan Timblin | Agent
Rey Santos | Broker
MaryAnn Williams | Realtor
Catherine Leogrande | Realtor
Roxie Elliott | Realtor
Irma Cordon | Realtor
Orapin Moore | Realtor
James Keller | Broker/Associate RealtorĀ®
Eileen Valenti | Realtor
Jeff Larson | Realtor
Marisela Labastida | Broker
Martha Franck | Broker Associate
Mike Dowd | Broker Owner
Shelley O'Malley | Broker Associate
Oscar Cervantes | Broker/ Owner
Judy Algea | Broker/Owner
Michael Syrett | Realtor
Lon Mapes | Broker/Owner
Kristina Martinez | Agent
Erben Bayeta | Realtor
Mariah Fioretti | Broker-Assoc
Fernando Garcia | Realtor
Dianne Speaker | Agent
Brian Huckins | Realtor
Eve Vykydal | Owner/broker
Dina Preston | Realtor
Rosemary Gilbert | Realtor
Hector Sanchez | Real Estate Agent
Nicole Bratley | Realtor
Jennifer Kieffer | Realtor
Maria Garcia | Sales Agen
Bahareh Kamoei | Broker Associate
Gina Sand | Realtor
Marie Scheffler | Realtor
Suzi Trinidad | Broker
Dana Brown | President
Daniel Bell | Agent
Drew Maze | President
James Keller | Broker Associate Realtor
Ken Scott | President
Claudia Zeier | Realtor
Clova Dyer | Agent
Michael Syrett | Agent
Liv Provence | Agent
Frank Imbert | Associate Broker
Elizabeth Sochor | Broker Associate
Andrew Huxhold | Agent
Jeff Teel | Agent
Larry Barnes | Realtor/Trainer
Cheryl Steele | Broker
Angela Loftin | Realtor
Angela Loftin | Realtor
Angela Loftin | REO/Short Sales Specialist
Claudia Neuenswander | Agent
Jane Bouvier | Broker/Owner
Deborah McGowan | Agent
Marisela Miner | Real Estate Agent
Daniel Curry | Owner
Cindy Hughes | Broker Associate
Brian Meuse | Realtor /REO. Specialist
Terry Weir | Real Estate Agent
Ariel Bernal | Realtor
Albert Telfer |
Nicholas Hord | Broker
Stacy Mcqueen | Realtor/sales
Peggy Underwood | Broker
Nadine Arriola | Real Estate Agent
Howard Shackelford | Broker
Donna Chinn | Agent
Maria Gooch | Realtor
Joyshna Patel | Reo Agent
Diana Wickler | Broker/Owner
Alzander Thomas | Real Estate Executive/Commerci
Mary Beth Cochran | Realtor
Walter McGowan | Certified Residential R. E. Ap
Christopher Manzo | Realtor
Lisa Duarte | Realtor
Karmel Roe | Broker/Owner
Jaynie Badders | Realtor/GRI
Betty Lou Bogle | Realtor
Donna Coble | Realtor
Brian Waters | Reo Realtor
Donna Blasko | broker-CEO
Roni Fox | Owner
Property Preservation Professionals | Jeff Walker, Owner
Del Bermejo | Real Estate Agent
Gary Toy | Realtor
Melissa Uribe |
JOse Ponce | Realtor
Windie Petersen | Realtor
Bing Qiu Cheng | Agent
Desiree Burgnon | Realtor
Fran Fox | Broker Associate
Jared Edgley | Agent
Natasha Nepomuceno | Realtor Bilingual
George L Serrano | Broker/Owner
George L Serrano | Broker/Owner
Robert Patterson | Agent
Melissa Mongeau | Realtor
Robert Vanligten | Realtor
Kathy Becerra | Realtor
Shirley Bell | Sales Agent
Shaun Phillips | Realtor
Christina Gordon | Broker Associate
Caroline Love | Broker
Billine Flynn | Agent
Deanna Miller | Realtor
Jnet Vanderpool | Agent
Alyssa Sleaver | Real Estate Agent
Matthew Sturkie | Broker/Owner
Andrew Mulgrew | Realtor
Hugo Moscoso | Salesperson
Andrew Mulgrew | Realtor
Kathy Kabluyen | Realtor
Steve Alldis | Broker
Amanda Vaage | Realtor
Julie Prigmore | Realtor
Michael Barker | Sales Agent
Jorge Inzunza | Agent

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