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Other REO Partners
Thomas Salvatore | Broker/Associate
Eileen Henriksen | Realtor
Cindy Collins | Agent
Tim Thomas | Realtor/Owner
Jewell Knight | Broker Associate
Sharyn Davis | Broker In Charge
Karen Knight | Broker
Edwin Lozada | Associate Broker
John Mesich | Broker/associate
Brenda Porte | Realtor
Jack Shaughnessy | Broker Associate
John McDonald | Foreclouses&Short Sales
Bill Bellamy | Sr. Sales Executive
Donna Bunting | Realtor
Lona Gore | Broker In NC & SC, CDPE
Vernon Arrant | Sales Agent
Kirk Nobles | Broker Associate
Christopher Webster | Broker/Owner
Barbara Sapp | Realtor
Kristi Knight | Broker Associate
Bethany (Beth) Bush | Owner, Bic
David OConnell | Sales Manager
Terry Cutsail | Realtor
Vernon Arrant | Realtor
Tom Fickling | Salesman
Rodney L Prince | Sales Representative
Edward Thomas | BIC
Michelle Blase | Realtor/broker
Harry Knapp | Broker
Don Alexander | Real Estate Agent
David Brown | Broker in Charge
Nicolas Mendoza | BIC
Tamara Reid | Owner/Broker In Charge
John Mesich |
Richard Kirincich | Owner
Vicky Tesh | Broker
Karen Grafton | Realtor
Kim Davis |
Laura Moore |
Terri Hornfeck | Sales Associate
Brandon Arnette | Sales Professional
Cynthia Chestnut | BIC
Shelyn Lee | Agent
David Duane Lewis | Broker/Sales Agent
David Brown | Manager
Teresa Boyd |
Patricia Linnell | Broker
Michael Donovan | Broker-in-Charge
Richard Burge | Broker
Harriet Hemphill | Broker/Realtor
Patricia Linnell | Broker/Realtor
Jerry Frontiero | Agent
Tammy Arp | Agent
Patricia Pack | Realtor
Tom Richards | Sales Associate
Jeffrey Frost | Reale State Specialist
Judy Upchurch | Residential Appraiser
Judy Upchurch | Associate Broker
James Fassbender |
TJ O'Brien | Realtor/Sales Associate
Jessie Kelly | Agent
Nigel Horonzy | Realtor
Eric Emond | Broker Associate
Jane Bohannon | Realtor
Tom Hale | Broker/Owner
Ashley Harper | REO sales team leader
Christine Clark | Realtor
Clifton Cheek | Broker
Kelly Fink | Realtor
Kevin Crawford | Realtor
Nolan Payne | Broker
Dan Adams | Broker In Charge
Kay Van Hoesen | Owner
Edgar Wilson | Broker In Charge
Stephen A Shelley | Broaker Associate
Hunter Platt |
Randi Geddes | Broker Designate
Joseph Howard |
Jamie Broadhurst | President
Christine House | Realtor
Ginger Smith | Broker Associate
Ellen Platt | Agent
Davey Parott | Agent
Blake Sloan | Certified REO Expert
Galina Pay | Realtor
Anthony Schibilia | Agent
Bethany Morse-Madden | Agent
Alex Townsend | Agent/Office Manager
Galina Pay | Realtor
Mike Thompson | BROKER/OWNER
Nicholas Mazzola | Salesman
Daniel Ferworn | Realtor
Gary Bish | Owner
Delcenia Currence | Realtor
Stacey Porfilio | Agent
Trace Gregg |
Camille Benjamin | Realtor
Rob Mason | Broker/Owner, CDPE,ABR
Paul Schroeder | Salesman
MaryAnne Dorio | Broker-in-Charge
Beverly Witt | Realtor
Darrell Odum | Owner/Broker-in-Charge
Tonja Morton |
Jill Klunk | Sales Professional
Janice Smith | Agent
Bradley Parker | Mr
Claudette Rhodes-Greger | Owner/Broker
Trace Gregg | Ceo
Jodie Coffey | Certified Res. Appraiser
George Quinn | Owner
Deann Watts | Broker-in-Charge/REALTOR
Clifford Nolan | Real Estate Professional
Constance Yun | Broker Associate
Rod Smith |
Randy Harrison | Broker In Charge/Owner
Elizabeth Pringle | Agent
Jeanie Mazza | Broker/Associate
Amber LaMaire | Broker in Charge
Jennifer Lewis | Realtor
Ann Clark | Sales Agent
Victoria Travis | Realtor
Peggy Simmons | Broker
Thomas (Gary) McMeekin | President
Beth Suggs | REALTOR, Broker, GRI, ABR, RSP
Mark Revels | Broker
Linda Stephens | Broker In Charge/Owner
Vickie Lemar | Broker
Brenda Peebles | Broker
Staci Smith | Realtor
Mary Adams | Agent
Barbara Hucks | Realtor
Sitell Patel | Realtor
Jan Buess | Associate Broker
Jamie Batchelder | Sales agent
Jerry Smith | Sales Associate
Vickie Wilhelm | Owner
Kris Ray | Broker In Charge
Mark Farren | Broker in Charge
Patricia Horberg | Sales Agent
Trent Burroughs | Broker
Mary Mitchell | Associate Broker
Anne Arnold | Owner/Broker
Sarah Parker |
Matt Harper | Realtor
Bob Zeller | Broker Associate
Susan Markham | Broker associate
Jeffrey Dekleva | Sales agent
Laura Connelly | Sales Associate
Kenneth Nance | Broker In Charge
Maxine Dawes | Broker Associate
William Haug | Salesman
Karen Guiffre | Broker
Judy Collins | Broker in Charge / Owner
Shannon Alford | Realtor
Sandra Bundy | Broker-in-Charge
Ron Strickland | Broker In Charge / CG Appraiser
Hirut Mann | Realtor
Robert Haverkamp | President

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