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Other REO Partners
Myrna Wolfe | OWNER/BROKER
MIlagros Montijo | Real Estate Agent
Suzanne Wayne | Owner
Brenda Watington | Broker/Owner
Beryl Oles | SVP Mid-Hudson Valley Region
Barbara Demaro | Broker
Barbara Korabel | Broker Owner
Edwin Rodriguez | Lic. Real Estate Salesperson
Dulce Ferrera | Associate Broker
Tracey Patton | NYS Lic. RE Salesperson
Jean Di Matteo | Licensed Realtor Estate Salesp
Keith Sumner | REO Sales
Richard Binkowski | Principal
Ray Cass | Pres.
Laurie DellaVilla-Miller | Owner
Andre Venables | Licensed real estate broker
Jayne Wohl | Pres
Elizabeth Nemeth | Licensed Real Estate Salespers
Janice Boike |
Joseph Giglio | Associate Broker
Joseph Giglio | Associate Broker
Laurie O'Jea | Associate Broker
Arlene Diefendorf | Lic Real Estate Salesperson
Carole McCann | Broker/Owner
James M McCann |
Peter Mallon | President
Kerly Scialpi | Real Estate Sales Agent
Desiree Beecham | Associate Real Estate Broker
Ramon Vega | Re Salesperson
Robert Ruston | Sales & Mktg. / Notary Publc
Ilene Adanuncio | License Real Estate Agent
Theresa Holmes | Associate Broker
Dennis Barr | Associate Broker
Elaine Decrosta | Realtor
Dominic Moffa | Owner
Olga Krasinski | Broker/Owner
Myrna Ginsberg | Broker
Ellie Hyde | Broker
Maureen Carpenick | Real Estate Agent
Michael Freaney | Agent
Tony Pangia | Owner
Kurt Seitz | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Chris Steeves | Owner
Dianne Johnson | Realtor
Amber Ashcroft | Broker
Donna McGroder | Associate Broker
Anita Drake | Broker
Richard Rundle | Broker
Marisol Benitez | Principal Broker
Lee A. Raphael | Managing Broker
Elvia Johnson Gottlieb | Licensed Real Estate Broker
Y. Elene Schoeps | Broker/Owner (Previous Apprai
Odrica Harrow | Associate Broker
Sandra E Gleicher | Associate Broker
Virginia Hayes | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Jose Garcia | Salesperson
Brenda Wood | Realtor/Real Estate Sales Pers
Joel Sofer | Owner
Margaret Galatro | Realtors
Clara Young | owner/broker
Sheldon Heitman | Broker Associate
Paul Filippone | Realtor
Guia Dorion | Licensed Real Estate Salespers
Nadiya Gerjan | Home Is Where the Heart Is
Rose Burns | Realtor
Barbara Kazes | Real Estate Salesperson
Anita Reich | Real Property Appraiser
Curtis Darragh | Principal Broker
Robert Cappellini | Hudson Valley Realty
Wil Ocasio | Sales Agent
Jeffrey Eraca | Lic Real Estate Sales Person
Jay Himelson | Broker Associate
Katja McGorman | Associate Broker
Patricia Tompkins | Licensed Real Estate Professio
Aileen Martinez | Real Estate Professional
Patricia Lynch | BROKER/OWNER
Steve Chewens | Broker/Owner
Sandra Giff | Associate Broker
Sharon Sparling | Owner
Charlotte Edwards | Associate Broker
Sandra Altomare | Agent
Fredric Williams | Associate Broker
Glenn Bucknor | Sales person
Virginia Schott | Associate Broker
Ann Margaret Bolton | Associate Broker
Marie Pennings | Associate Broker
Victoria Aloia | Associate Broker
Adelta Upshur-Mc Donald | Lic Real Estate Ass. Broker
Julianna Green | Agent
Lucyann Tinnirello | The Green Team Home Selling Sy
Paula Meloi | Broker
Catherine Lenz | Ms.
Warner Miller | BROKER/OWNER
James Walker, Ccim | Licensed Re Broker Associate
Karen Winkle | Ceo
Gilbert Ramos | Sales Associate
Lori Kavanagh | Broker
David Ames | Sales Person
Janice Carrasco | Associate Broker
Lucille Esposito | Assoc. Broker
Trussie Taylor | Owner
Paula Kitchen | BROKER/OWNER
John Oliveira | Associate Broker/REO Asset Man
Vincent McGough | Associate Broker
Linda Stuart | Associate Broker
Ronnie Rebis | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Alex Sharpe | Associate Broker,ABR,GRI
Alex Sharpe | Associate Broker,ABR,GRI
Nadiya Gerjan | Home is Where the Heart Is

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