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As a licensed real estate agent, you are already familiar with how to list and sell properties. However, listing and selling REO properties is a completely different process that you may not be familiar with. When you meet REO asset managers through the REO Industry Directory, you will be expected to know how to list REO properties and carry out a number of tasks for asset managers in addition to marketing and selling the homes. Among other things, you will be responsible for keeping the home secure, inspecting it and taking steps to prepare the home in a way that will lead to a close.

To successfully list and sell REO properties, you must be familiar with the following:

One of the most important aspects of successfully listing and selling REO listings is being able to put together a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO). A BPO is a report that is used to analyze real estate market data in a specific area in order to determine the market value of the property. Banks and asset managers use this data to determine the selling price of a home and they usually hire REO agents who are familiar with a specific market.

It is important that you educate yourself on the REO real estate processes in order to successfully list and sell REO properties.

In addition to allowing you to meet REO bank asset managers who will assign REO listing to you, the REO industry Directory can serve as a useful resource where you can connect with a number of real estate professionals in your area who may have buyers who are interested in your listings. The REO industry Directory allows you to network within the entire real estate industry in order to successfully list and sell your REO properties. You may also choose to contact any of our featured members and team up with experienced REO real estate agents.

The best way to learn how to list and sell REO properties is to work and learn from an experienced REO listing team. The REO Industry Directory connects you with successful REO listing agents and REO inventory teams whom you can contact obtain hand-on training necessary to master the REO industry.

In addition, we connect you with asset managers who will call upon you on a regular basis to prepare BPO reports and carry out other duties that will allow you to generate more REO listings. When you prove that you can prepare BPOs quickly, respond to inquiries in a timely manner and show you are a serious REO agent, you should have no problem receiving REO property listings from asset managers and REO brokers who use the REO Industry Directory to locate skilled REO listing agents.

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Foreclosure Activity

REO Blog Categories

The REO Industry Directory is an online community of real estate professionals from around the nation. It allows REO agents to post their profiles on our REO agents directory and obtain REO listings by connecting with asset managers and banks who are seeking experienced real estate agents in a specific area. The REO Industry Directory is also a useful guide on how to get REO listings from banks and how to become an REO listing agent.