How to Become an REO Agent

It is no secret that home foreclosures have reached a record high and now more than ever is the time to become an REO agent. Banks and mortgage companies throughout the nation are looking for REO agents who can help them sell REO properties. The key factor in becoming an REO agent is to connect with bank asset managers who will hire you. However, this is not an easy task and the competition is tough, so you want to stand out.

It can take months for prospective REO agents to contact the banks, find out which division to contact, in the first place, and the right person to talk to. This can be quite discouraging, and sadly many are unsuccessful. The REO Industry Directory makes it simple by listing REO agent profiles by specific location and connecting them with bank asset managers. The REO Industry Directory is also a useful guide for REO agents who wish to stay abreast the latest trends in the REO industry, receive tips on how to get REO listings from banks, list and sell REO properties and get their name in front of the sellers and buyers.

In order to work with banks and mortgage companies, REO agents must also understand and be able to perform the basic principles of REO real estate, including:

The REO Industry Directory allows you to launch a successful marketing campaign, promote yourself as an REO agent and, most importantly, connect with asset managers who are looking to hire an REO agent in your area. You will also have an opportunity to build your client base and increase your presence as a successful REO agent in your community.

When you become a Featured Member in the REO Industry Directory you will also show up at the top of the search results and your office location will be featured on a locator map.

To learn more on how to get listings from banks, please click here.

“Wow! Great! Are just a few words that describe the results that I have gotten since upgrading to being a featured member. I have invested in other REO sites for a lot more money with little to no results. I was found on this site by a big bank and now am having to hire help because of all the work I am getting. Thank you REO Industry Directory!”

Diana B.

The REO Industry Directory is an online community of real estate professionals from around the nation. It allows REO agents to post their profiles on our REO agents directory and obtain REO listings by connecting with asset managers and banks who are seeking experienced real estate agents in a specific area. The REO Industry Directory is also a useful guide on how to get REO listings from banks and how to become an REO listing agent.