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REO Industry Directory is a national network of REO agents, brokers and vendors. Our site was created with the help and guidance of REO Asset Managers, to help them more quickly and easily find local REO professionals to work with. With so many foreclosures flooding the market, banks need to quickly find qualified REO agents to help them liquidate the inventory. We make it easy for asset managers to find and compare local REO agents, and assign REO listing assignments.

Asset management companies search our website by typing in a property address and we quickly display the closest REO agents, brokers and vendors nearly. REO agents have their own profile pages, where they list their experience, training, contact info, and a link to their website.

Over 75,000 monthly searches for REO agents on our website this month.

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Get more exposure. Your profile is shown first in the search results for your market area, and your profile is displayed on the REO Agent Map. We show your distance to the asset being assigned.  Your profile shows up within a 25 mile radius!  We guarantee you’ll get REO work within 6 months, or we give you 6 months free.

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“Wow! Great! Are just a few words that describe the results that I have gotten since upgrading to being a featured member. I have invested in other REO sites for a lot more money with little to no results. I was found on this site by a big bank and now am having to hire help because of all the work I am getting. Thank you REO Industry Directory!”

Diana B.
The REO Industry Directory is an online community of real estate professionals from around the nation. It allows REO agents to post their profiles on our REO agents directory and obtain REO listings by connecting with asset managers and banks who are seeking experienced real estate agents in a specific area. The REO Industry Directory is also a useful guide on how to get REO listings from banks and how to become an REO listing agent.