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Other REO Partners
Travis Griffin | Broker/Owner
Dana Bonnette | Corporate REO Inventory Manage
Melissa Percle |
Rob Spratt | Commercial Sales Agent
Charles H Brown | Broker
Edward Brown | Sales Agent
Ethel Kidd | Broker, owner
Linda Gruenfeld | Owner/Broker
Michael Baker | Broker/Owner
Hassan Dabon | Realtor
Micah Loewenthal | Realtor
Renee Simon | Default Professional
Alfred Taylor | Realtor
Joshua Walther | Realtor
Dudley Le Blanc | Realtor
Carolyn A. Bell |
Adonijah Johnson | Realtor
Sonjia Carter | Broker
Carol Gemelli | Realtor
James Henry | Agent
James Henry | Realtor
Nick Galiano | BROKER/OWNER
Tommy Crane | Owner
Frank James | Realtor
Judith Triche | Broker/owner
Deborah Daoud | Auctioneer/appraiser/broker/ow
Angele VonDerPool | Sales Agent
Kurt Maloney |
Joseph Marino | Certified Residential Appraise
Belinda Bias | Broker
Nancy C. Chambliss | Owner.............. Agent
Roslyn Duplessie | Sales Agent
Ben Guillory Jr | Realtor
Julianna Korman | Realtor
Daniel Korman | Broker
Hannah Chary | Salesperson
Pamela Landers | Realtor
Frank Williams | Broker
Frank Williams | Broker
Sheila Gomez | Realtor
Glenn Allen | Realtor
Sarah Odem | Realtor
Chris Walther | Realtor
Terez Harris | Realtor
Mary E. Schouest | Realtor
Fredric Larson | Agent
Giselle Jackson | Salesperson
Sharon Moore | Realtor
Sherylynn Harris | Real Estate Agent
Dana Russo | Realtor
Diane Rosenbach | Residential/Commercial Realtor
Maria Conceicao | Realtor
Michelle Dillon | Realtor
Betty Poche | Associate Broker
Jakki Henriquez | Agent
Gloria Buisson | Realtor
Margaret Berliner | Broker Associate
Brant Larrimer | Broker
Matashia Caldwell | Realtor
Byron LeJeune | Agent
Gwen Eschete | Broker Associate
Jeanell Larry |
Lawrence Williams jr | Executive Director
Jim Underwood | Realtor
Ryan Brignac | Salesperson
Josie DeGrusha | Realtor
Betty White | Realtor
Donna Chandler | Realtor
Glenda Rounds | Realtor
David Ryan | Realtor
Liz Ashe | Associate Broker
Keith Fontenot | Realtor
Sylvia Marie | Broker
Christie Pham | Agent
Jeannie Wildey | Realtor
Gizelda Toomer | Realtor
Juanita Pelican | Agent
Susan Ann Bourgeois | Owner
Debra Hebert | Broker/Owner
Ted Chiasson | Real Estate Salesperson
Francis Castillo | Sales Associate
Stephanie Smart | Realtor
Steve Leaumont | Realtor, REO SPECIALIST
Sharon Moore | Realtor
Linda Nguyen | Broker/Agent
Daniel Lea | Professional Realtor
Delisha Boyd | Realtor
Sandra Simmons | Agent
Sandy Sallettes | Realtor
Walter King | Associate Broker
Estle Neie | Realtor
Arthur Jenkins | Broker
Heather Calder | Broker
Heather Calder | REO Manager
Olivia Price | Realtor
Dorothy Birdsall | Broker-Owner
Shane Zeringue | Realtor
Kim Thomas | Agent
Marcia Cali | Realtor
Theresa Mendelson | Realtor
Tiesh Claborn | Realtor
Gerard Ramos |
Amee Schultz | Realtor
Lisa Wilson | Agent
Candice Olimpio | Realtor
Mario Washington | Agent
August J. Berner, Jr. | Broker Associate
Dana Bennett | REALTOR®
Sandra Bradford | Agent
Cassondra Larsen | Realtor
Thu Dang | Realtor
Luis Ernesto Ramos | Broker
Rose Fogarty | Realtor
Darlene Plaia | Realtor
Roxanne Melerine | Sr Business Development Office
Sie Jabr | Broker / Owner
Leonor Vinet | Realtor
Annie Cottingham | Realtor agent
Judy Giglio | Realtor
Susan Robinson | Realtor
Kellee Butler | REO Specialist
Randy LeBlanc | Realtor
Becky Ray Giroir | Realtor
Sharon Kochera | Boker Associate
Michelle Dillon | Realtor
Shelita St Martin | Salesperson
Lana Cox | Realtor
Keisha Washington | Broker
Patrick Campbell | Residential Realtor
Vianka Maria Miranda |
Duchkar John | Agent
Robin Durel | Realtor
Cindy Ng | Broker
Amy Sims |
Rodney P Mason Sr | Broker
Rachel Larsen | Agent
Julie Villafa├▒e | Agent
Diana Klotz | Realtor, Associate Broker
Cecilia Ulfers | Broker
Sharon Rovira | Realtor
Maggie Foster | Realtor
Nancy Arnoult | Realtor
Laure Honeman | Realtor
Lisa Moore | Realtor Agent
Shauna Burrell | Realtor
Athena Kontaxis | Agent
Ingrid Leverett | broker/appraiser/owner
Dorothy Sturkey | Broker
Arlette Gerhold | Sales Associate
Ora Brooks | Broker
Sheila Julien | Agent
Sheila Julien | Agent
Lou Wise | Realtor
Frank Rubi | Broker
Cephas Shepard | Broker
Troyonia Renthrope | Real Estate Broker
Betty Landix | Agent
Donna Bergeron | Real Estate Brokage
Dan Korman | Broker
Herman Woods | GM
G. Adrain Harris | Owner/President
Deborah Martin | 7921
Louise Jones | Agent
Bonnie Buras | Agent
Karen Lucy | Realtor
Debra Pounds | Broker
Cindy Cerise | Realtor
Mercedes Ferrer | Real Estate Professional
Randall White | Sales & Marketing
John Scully | Agent
Rose Clouse | Associate Broker
Natasha M. Ross | Broker
Kori Matherne |
Monique Gros | Realtor/Salesperson
Andi Knox | Realtor
Deborah Horrocks | REO Specialist
Lucille Sorapuru | Realtor
Debbie A. Robichaux | Broker
Brenda Scofield | Realtor
Darnell Godwin | Realtor
Stacey St Pe | Realtor
Lorna Evans |
Melanie Morrison | Broker Associate, ABR
Gonzalo Inchausty | Real Estate Agent
Eileen Planetta | Realtor
Destiny Davenport | Realtor/Office Manager
Dinah Stewart | Agent
Donna Warren | Broker Associate
Paula Borne | Agent
Carol Charbonnet-Richard | Agent
Shante DeGruy | Realtor
Edward Brown | Manager
Edna Hodges | Realtor
Loretta Moore |
Elaine Bates | Broker
Elaine Bates | realtor/broker
Ron Hall | Real Estate Consultant
Deborah Granier | Agent/REALTOR
Richie Redondo | Realtor/Manager
Glynn Hintn | Owner
Deborah Ritchie | Sales Agent
Wendy Hinton | Owner/Broker
Sandra Roberts | Broker
Stacy Cook | Realtor
Edward Puderer | Listing And Sales Agent
Cheryl Chapel | Real Estate Consultant
Nell Tedesco-Miquet | Realtor
BJ Murphey | Realtor
Lynnette Boudet | Lic. LA Realtor, ABR,SRS,SRES
Stacy Ludlow | Appraisal Manager
Steve Scoggin | Broker
Joan Gokey | Realtor
Vanessa Gardner | Realtor
Barbara Orlando | Realtor
Edmond Davis | BROKER/OWNER
Troylynn Robertson | Assoc. Broker
Terri Wood | Broker Associate
Tera' Carpenter | Realtor
Ginger Guidry | Broker/Owner

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